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We've gotten the news that things are closed down in Las Vegas for another month! This is a time like never before. Maybe this is a time to finally get to the things on the bottom of your to-do list...I know my junk drawer could use a good deep clean ;) Or maybe this is a time to just slow down. To sit on the floor with your kids without rushing off to the next thing. Or maybe it's a time to journal or binge watch that new Netflix show...guilt free :)
I am here as a wife, mama, and self proclaimed television enthusiast to give you my TOP THREE...My top 3 books to read. My top 3 quarantine wardrobe staples. My top 3 activities to do with my kids. My top 3 Netflix shows. AND my top 3 quotes that have kept me going. 


1. You are the Mother you Children Need. 
During a time when we are all spending more time with our children than we ever imagined LOL! This book is such a beautiful reminder that we are the PERFECT mother for our children, however we come is exactly right. 
2. The Alchemist. 
A classic. Some many life lessons and good quotes. A must read. 
3. Love Does.
This is my favorite book of all time. I have gifted this to so many people because I just love it so much! It's all about love. How it takes action. How it does things! And how God helps. 




1. Animal Baths 
This keeps my two year old entertained for at least an hour. He loves to give all his animals a bath! 
2.  Fort Building 
This makes anything more fun. Build a fort and my two year old will play with his same old normal toys...but its more fun now because you're in a fort!!! Lol! 
3. Egg Hunt Part Two 
Use all those eggs you just hid and add your kids favorite puzzle pieces! Hide them and now its twice the fun! And twice as long haha! 


1. Self-Made
2. The Office 
3. Locke & Key


"Women wear many hats, but it is impossible and unnecessary to wear them all at once. The Spirit helps us to determine which work to focus on today." 

"May the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary." 

"A great attitude becomes a great mood which becomes a great day which becomes a great year which becomes a great life." 

I hope you are finding the flowers amongst the rain! xo Kelsie 


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