Owner + Designer

Meet Darci.

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Truth is running a business and raising four little people is no easy task!  But I love both so I keep on keeping on!  My love of fashion and swimwear runs deep.  I spend hours personally selecting items to carry on the website.  In 2017, I designed and launched my first swim collection, The Dreamer Collection! Since I have released numerous swim collections and dress collections that are exclusive to Pink Desert. The Pink Desert Brand swim collection is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA with custom prints you can't get anywhere else.  The design process takes 6-9 months for each style and I pour my heart and soul into each print and collection.  

A little bit about me...I’m a small-town girl born and raised in the farming community of Quincy, Washington. Somehow I ended up living in the big city of Las Vegas. Growing up I was always the kid selling lemonade, play dough, and friendship bracelets. I knew at a young age I wanted to be two things when I grew up 1) A mother 2) A business owner.  In 2008, I graduated from Brigham Young University in business management and started my business and family in 2010.   I have four children:  Kensie (11), Tate (8), Emery (3), and our newest addition born May 2021, Archer. 

 I sincerely appreciate my customers who support this small business and passion of mine. Thank you for your support!  

Love, Darci

General Manager

Meet Paige.

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Hi I’m Paige. My husband and I are from just outside of Chicago and finally accomplished our life long goal of moving west. I am currently working towards my bachelors in business and fell in love with Pink Desert when I moved to Vegas. My husband and I enjoy spending most of our time hiking and traveling and exploring the areas of our new home.  I have been in retail for over 14 years and am excited to begin this next journey with the new Pink Desert store!

Marketing Assistant

Meet Sarah.

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Hey! I'm Sarah, wife to my amazing husband of 10 years and proud mama of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl). My little family is my world! We love going to San Diego, traveling to try new food, watching movies together, playing sports, singing in the car, and having dance parties in the kitchen. I was born and raised in southern California, and love the beach, Disneyland, and rolling green hills. When I graduated high school I moved with my family to AZ, and after I graduated with my degree from BYU, I met my husband who's an AZ native! We have lived in Vegas for over 4 years now, and have met so many amazing people and had the adventure of our lives. When I found Pink Desert, it reminded me of home! Every time I walked out holding that white bag with the pink tissue paper, I felt a little boost of confidence to take on life. I love working with this talented team of women and love sharing my love for Pink Desert.  

Design Lead

Meet Giana.

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Hello! My name is Giana and I am the Design Lead here at Pink Desert. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and just recently moved back after living in California and Washington for quite some time! I graduated from FIDM where I received my AA in Fashion Design. Sewing and designing clothes was always my passion as a kid and I'm so grateful to have a career doing what I love. Besides design, I also love hiking, rock climbing and hanging out with my husband and our wobbly cat, Tavius. It's been so great working here at Pink Desert and being able to work with such an amazing group of women! 

Assistant Office Manager

Meet Shelby.

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Hey! I’m Shelby (: Wife and dog mom. My husband and I both grew up in Las Vegas and there’s no where else we’d rather call home! I love the Golden Knights, hiking, playing sports, mexican food, and taking my dogs on walks. I love helping people feel great about themselves and bringing smiles to faces! I’ve been a fan of Pink Desert way before I got lucky enough to be a part of this amazing team of women!

Assistant Buyer + Stylist

Meet Josie.

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Hi I'm Josie, the stylist and assistant buyer here at Pink Desert. I grew up in California and my love for fashion and the latest trends started at a young age putting together outfits for my sister and friends for parties and events. I attended Dixie State University where I played Soccer and studied Early Childhood Education. I love being active outside, and reaching my goals creatively towards work, home and within myself. 

Store Team

Meet Esmeralda.

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Hello my friends! My name is Esmeralda Casillas! I was born and raised here in Las Vegas! A little bit about me is that I am a coffee lover, outdoors person, loves reading, hiking, fashion and helping others and lastly I have a heart for the Lord! I live for Adventure and fun! Do me a favor and Remember To Smile! 

Store Team

Meet Kelsey.

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Aloha everyone, my name is Kelsey-Amber! I was born & raised in Hawaii but recently moved to Vegas earlier this year (2021). I spend every second of my free time with my loving fiancé & our 2 year old daughter, Xyrie. I’ve been in retail for over 5 years & I’m so glad to be a part of the Pink Desert team!